Dataset: Children Longitudinal 1993-1997

Variable ba42a5: In the last week...everything was strenuous

Literal Question

I am going to give you various possibilities of how you might have felt or behaved. Using this list, please tell me how often you have felt like this in the last week.
In the last week...

< Present list 14!>

A5) everything was strenuous for me.

0 rarely or not at all. (Less than 1 day)
1 sometimes (1-2 days long)
2 frequently (3-4 days long)
3 mostly the whole time (5-7 days long)

German Question Text

Values Categories N
0 rarely or not 237
1 sometimes 185
2 frequently 34
3 mostly the whole time 12
7 no answer 4
8 data set missing 248

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 468
Missing cases 252
This variable is numeric


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