Dataset: Children Longitudinal 1993-1997

Variable bc34b10: Dad: Change of job (impact)

Literal Question

FW2.34b (V)
It is possible that things have happened since the summer of 1993, which have changed your or your child’s life. We have put together a sample list of such events. Please tell us whether you have experienced such a thing since the summer of 1993.
Has changed my own life...

B10) change of job/change of company

1 not at all
2 not much
3 moderately
4 greatly
5 massively

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 not at all 3
2 not much 6
3 moderately 12
4 greatly 9
5 massively 6
0 not applicable 435
7 no answer 2
8 data set missing 247

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 36
Missing cases 684
This variable is numeric


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