Dataset: Children Longitudinal 1993-1997

Variable ad7a5: School qualification (5th child)

Literal Question

F.7 (H)
In the case that your children have already left school, which qualification do they
Please enter the highest qualification that they have.

A5) 5th child

1 for the former GDR: (still) no leaving certificate
2 for the former GDR: leaving certificate from class 8
3 for the former GDR: leaving certificate from class 10
4 for the former GDR: Abitur (A Levels, high school graduation)
5 for the former GDR: child has not yet finished school
6 for the former FRG: (still) no leaving certificate
7 for the former FRG: Hauptschule leaving certificate
8 for the former FRG: Realschule leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife = as ‘O’ levels) or equivalent
9 for the former FRG: Fachhochschulreife (leaving certificate qualifying for technical college)
10 for the former FRG: Abitur, general Hochschulreife (highest level leaving certificate qualifying for university)
11 for the former FRG: child has not yet finished school

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 GDR: no certificate 0
2 GDR: class 8 0
3 GDR: class 10 0
4 GDR: Abitur (A Levels) 0
5 GDR: not yet finished school 2
6 FRG: no certificate 0
7 FRG: Hauptschule (lowest) 1
8 FRG: Realschule (middle) 0
9 FRG: Subject related cert. 0
10 FRG: Abitur (A level, highest) 0
11 FRG: not yet finished school 3
0 not applicable 659
97 no answer 35
98 data set missing 20

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 6
Missing cases 714
This variable is numeric


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