Dataset: Children Longitudinal 1993-1997

Variable bb18b11: Mom (child's): going shopping alone (prospect. age)

Literal Question

FW2.18b (M)
We will now come to some events in the life of children, youth and young adults which may occur or may not; and which can take place at different points in time (ages of life).
A selection of such events is listed below. What was it like with your child: if the child has already experienced one of the events, at what age? Otherwise please tell me at what age your child will probably experience it. Please do not state a time interval, but an exact age.

B11) will probably reach at the age of ...: going shopping alone for the first time

German Question Text

Values Categories N
12 7
13 6
14 18
15 5
16 5
17 2
18 1
96 does not apply 414
97 no answer 15
98 data set missing 247

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 44
Missing cases 676
Minimum 12.0
Maximum 18.0
Mean 14.114
Standard deviation 1.466
This variable is numeric


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