Dataset: Children Longitudinal 1993-1997

Variable bb19b1: Mom (child's): serious illness (age, 2nd time)

Literal Question

FW2.19b (M)
We would now like to ask about some events which your child may well have experienced. Please tell us whether the child in question has already experienced the given event once, or even twice, and how old they were at the time. Should the child have experienced the event more than twice, please refer to the earliest two occassions.

B1) experienced again at age ...: serious illness of the given child

99 not yet experienced

German Question Text

Values Categories N
4 3
5 2
6 3
9 1
10 1
11 1
13 1
97 no (further) answer 76
98 data set missing 247
99 see bb19a. not yet experienced 385

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 12
Missing cases 708
This variable is numeric


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