Dataset: Cross-Section 1996

Variable v19b: Groups: Football fans

Literal Question

On the following cards are lists of groups of people who have been a talking point for quite some time?
(18) Where do you stand with regard to these groups?
Please give an answer for each card using this list.

< please shuffle and present the pink-coloured cards, present list 5, allow the interviewee to assess the cards using list 5, please mark the answer for each and every card in the following boxes:>

B) Football fans

1 I consider myself belonging to this group, I live that way
2 I do not belong to this group, but find these people o.k.
3 I don't care for this group, I can tolerate them
4 I don't like this group very much
5 They are my enimies, I fight against them
6 I have never heard of them, don't have any idea

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 I belong to this group 481
2 I find these people o.k. 614
3 I can tolerate them 1446
4 I don't like them very much 614
5 They are my enimies 85
6 I don't have any idea 35

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3275
Missing cases 0
This variable is numeric


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