Dataset: Cross-Section 1996

Variable v55i: Generations: I learn more from peers than from parents

Literal Question

(44) Among young people there are many different ideas about the relationships between young and old.
What is your opinion on the topic? Please answer using this list:

< shuffle and present the yellow cards, present list 24, interviewee is to assess each card using list 24. Please mark the answers for each card in the following boxes.>

I) I learn and experience more from my peers than from my parents.

1 exactly true
2 maybe true
3 not really true
4 not true

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 not true 361
2 not really true 1051
3 maybe true 1299
4 exactly true 543
Sysmiss 21

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3254
Missing cases 21
This variable is numeric


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