Dataset: Youth Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable cg21b5: cg21: Father likes, dislikes help

Literal Question

FW3. 21 B
With the following statements I would like to know from you, how your parents behave towards you, what they expect and what they want of you.
Please tell me how much these statements apply to you.
I would ask you to judge your mother and your father separately.

< Present list 8; please read aloud.>

5) Sometimes my parents are pleased when I help them, and sometimes they have something against it without me knowing why.

1 Does not apply at all
2 Does not apply much
3 Does apply
4 Applies strongly

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Does not apply at all 97
2 Does not apply much 67
3 Does apply 30
4 Applies strongly 12
7 no answer 26
8 data set missing 1331

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 206
Missing cases 1357
This variable is numeric


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