Dataset: Youth Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable cg38a9: cg38: For success: right contacts

Literal Question

FW3. 38

How important are the following things which I am about to read out to you, when it comes to making sure that a child turns out well?
The child has to:
For each of the following items, say whether you find it very important, somewhat important, not so important, or not at all important.

< Present list 14; please read aloud.>

9) have the right contacts.

1 Not at all important
2 Not so important
3 Somewhat important
4 Very important

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Not at all important 10
2 Not so important 47
3 Somewhat important 114
4 Very important 61
7 no answer 0
8 data set missing 1331

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 232
Missing cases 1331
This variable is numeric


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