Dataset: Candidate Countries Eurobarometer 2001.1

Variable q37_7: TREND: Decision-making: Poverty

Literal Question

ZA3978:Q37/ ZA3979:Q38/ ZA3983:Q36/ ZA3984:Q3/ ZA3986:Q42/ ZA4159:Q9.A
For each of the following areas, do you think that decisions should be made solely by the (NATIONALITY) government, or made jointly within the European Union, once (COUNTRY) becomes a member?

7) The fight against poverty - social exclusion

1 solely by [COUNTRY]
2 jointly with the EU
8 DK / no opinion
9 NA/refusal

Values Categories N NW
1 solely by [COUNTRY] 2856 3,178.3
2 jointly with the EU 8263 7,841.7
8 DK / no opinion 899 1,028.7
9 NA/refusal 59 28.4

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 11119 11019.922
Missing cases 958 1057.078
This variable is numeric


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