Dataset: Candidate Countries Eurobarometer 2003.3

Variable d3_b_lt: TREND: Education: Lithuania

Literal Question

What is your level of education?
LOCAL CODES (such as primary school, worker's school, gymnasium, college, university degree, etc.)

0 INAP - not 7 in COUNTRY
1 primary/basic or less
2 secondary
3 secondary special
4 higher
99 NA

Instruction for local agencies:
Apply categories which correspond to the official census-bureau categories (and presumably you are regularly using) - this question will be used solely for weighting purposes. We need information about education level which can be an efficient input for weighting procedures based on population statistics you will be able to provide us with.

Values Categories N NW
1 primary/basic or less 250 89.3
2 secondary 223 46.3
3 secondary special 337 83.6
4 higher 194 35.6
0 INAP - not 7 in COUNTRY 11122 11,871.2
99 NA 0 0.0

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1004 254.818
Missing cases 11122 11871.182
This variable is numeric


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