Dataset: Candidate Countries Eurobarometer 2003.3

Variable q28_11: Agree: Asylum seekers: Choose country by success prospects

Literal Question

I am now going to list a series of opinions about asylum and asylum seekers who seek refuge in our country. For each of these can you tell me whether you completely agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or completely disagree with this opinion.

11) Asylum seekers tend to choose countries where they think that their asylum application will be most likely to succeed.

1 completely agree
2 somewhat agree
3 somewhat disagree
4 completely disagree
8 DK / no opinion
9 refusal/NA

Values Categories N NW
1 completely agree 5232 5,553.3
2 somewhat agree 4241 3,541.7
3 somewhat disagree 622 621.1
4 completely disagree 167 168.2
8 DK / no opinion 1765 2,154.7
9 refusal/NA 99 87.1

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 10262 9884.254
Missing cases 1864 2241.746
This variable is numeric


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