Dataset: EVS 1981 - Integrated Dataset

Variable v135: do you work unpaid for: environment, ecology, animal rights (Q 113b_G)

Literal Question

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And do you currently do any unpaid work for any of them?

Q.113b_G Conservation, environmentalist or animal welfare groups

-5 other missing
-4 question not asked
0 Not mentioned
1 Mentioned

Note: Multiple response questions are split into a set of dichotomized variables (1 mentioned, 0 not mentioned) which represent each of the original categories and are identified by the respective original category code as question number suffix.

Please see flag variable f139 which indicates inconsistencies for variables v129-v139.

Comparative Variables 1981-2008
V37 - Integrated Dataset - EVS 1999-2000
V35 - Integrated Dataset - EVS 2008

Values Categories
-5 other missing
-4 question not asked

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 19378
Missing cases 0
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 1.0
This variable is numeric


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