Dataset: Bulgarian Pre-Election Study September 1991


Judgement on candidates and the impending election in Bulgaria.

Expected freedom and correctness of the coming elections in one's own election precinct; voting intent; attitude regarding selected politicians; behavior at the polls in the last election; knowledge about candidate of one's preferred party in one's own election precinct; party membership or sympathy for a specific party; size of place of residence; ethnic affiliation; intent to participate in the election; certainty of one's voting decision; freedom of one's own voting decision; knowledge about leaders of selected political formations.

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Bulgarian Pre-Election Study September 1991

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Bulgarian Pre-Election Study September 1991

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H.-D. Klingemann Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung
K. Stoychew BBSS Gallup, Sofia
A. Raichev BBSS Gallup, Sofia

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GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne, Germany GESIS

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Political Attitudes and Behavior


Research area: Bulgaria

Time Method

September 1991

Data Collector

National Public Opinion Centre (NAPOC), Sofia

Sampling Procedure

Multi-stage stratified random sample

Mode of Data Collection

Face-to-face interview with standardized questionnaire

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Karasimeonov, Georgi (Hrsg.):
The 1990 Election to the Bulgarian Grand National Assembly and the 1991 Election to the Bulgarian National Assembly: Analyses, Documents and Data.
Berlin: Edition Sigma Rainer Bohn Verlag 1997

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Further election studies of the project "Founding Elections in Eastern Europe" (H.-D. Klingemann, Science Center Berlin, WZB; supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation) are archived under Study Nos.: 2465-2469, 2485-2488, 2560-2562, 2811-2819, 2901-2912, 3053-3057, 3175-3176 and 3631-3633. Comparable election studies from Eastern Europe are archived under ZA Study Nos.: 3123-3126, 3215-3218, 3527-3530, 3631-3633, 3888-3893.

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Nesstar 200801


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