Dataset: Young Adult Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable bn11a4: Mom: Precise timing marriage/children

Literal Question

FW2.11 (M)
Below are some statements regarding family, partnership, as well as children. Could you indicate to what degree you agree with the following i.e. (1) disagree completely, (2) disagree somewhat, (3) agree somewhat, (4) agree fully.

A4) In order to make something of one's life one should seriously consider when and if to marry and whether to have children.
1 Disagree completely
2 Disagree somewhat
3 Agree somewhat
4 Agree fully

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Disagree completely 29
2 Disagree somewhat 159
3 Agree somewhat 396
4 Agree fully 237
Sysmiss 2984

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 821
Missing cases 2984
This variable is numeric


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