Dataset: Young Adult Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable cn3: Mom: School qualification

Literal Question

FW3.3 (M)
Which general school qualification do you have?

1 For the former GDR: No leaving certificate
2 For the former GDR: Leaving certificate from class 8
3 For the former GDR: Leaving certificate from class 10
4 For the former GDR: Abitur (A-Levels, high school graduation)
5 For the former FRG: No leaving certificate
6 For the former FRG: Hauptschule leaving certificate
7 For the former FRG: Realschule leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife = as ‘O’levels) or equivalent
8 For the former FRG: Fachhochschulreife (leaving certificate qualifying for technical college)
9 For the former FRG: Abitur, general Hochschulreife
(highest level leaving certificate qualifying for university)

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 GDR: no leaving certificate 1
2 GDR: leaving certificate from class 8 64
3 GDR: leaving certificate from class 10 46
4 GDR: Abitur (A Lev., high school grad.) 18
5 FRG: no leaving certificate 3
6 FRG: Hauptschule (low level) 139
7 FRG: Realschule (middle level) or similar 59
8 FRG: Subject related certificate (tech. coll.) 4
9 FRG: Abitur (highest level) 20
Sysmiss 3451

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 354
Missing cases 3451
This variable is numeric


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