Dataset: Young Adult Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable fr42a32: fr42: Life events: really drank alcohol (compared to peers)

Literal Question

F. 42 B
In the course of life, things happen that change us and our lives.A selection of such events are given on the cards.

If you have experienced any of these, how old were you at the time?

< An exact age to be stated not an interval. Do not leave any cards out and remember that only one answer to be given per card.
Where a * appears next to an event, and the event has already been experienced, please enquire more closely:>

22) Really drank alcohol for the first time
1 Much later
2 Later
3 At the same time
4 Earlier
5 Much earlier

German Question Text

Values Categories N
0 652
1 much later/later 1443
2 at the same time 256
3 earlier/much earlier 0
9 438
Sysmiss 1016

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2351
Missing cases 1454
This variable is numeric


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