Dataset: Young Adult Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable fr43a18: fr43: LE: difficult final exam (A, impact)

Literal Question

F. 43 A2
Here are some more such events.

Please say again whether you have experienced them, and at what age and also to what extent it changed your life.To what extent did the event change your life?

It may be that you have experienced one event several times. In the case that you have experienced it more than twice, please give the two times you can best remember.
< An exact age to be stated, not an interval. Do not leave any cards out and remember that up to two answers to be given per card. For each event which has already been experienced please enquire more closely:>

5a) Experienced a difficult final examination (school, training, occupation) (1st)
1 Not at all
2 Little
3 Somewhat
4 Greatly
5 Massively

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 not at all 381
2 little 472
3 somewhat 608
4 greatly 361
5 massively 138
7 no answer 21
Sysmiss 1824

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1981
Missing cases 1824
This variable is numeric


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