Dataset: Young Adult Longitudinal 1991-1995/96

Variable bm62a4: It is enough for one to regularly vote

Literal Question

I will now read you some other statements regarding state and politics. Can you please state whether you either disagree completely, disagree somewhat, agree somewhat, or agree fully.

< Present list 26.>

A4) It is enough for one to regularly vote; it isn't actually needed to do more in a democracy.
1 Disagree completely
2 Disagree somewhat
3 Agree somewhat
4 Agree completely

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Disagree completely 472
2 Disagree somewhat 567
3 Agree somewhat 201
4 Agree completely 31
Sysmiss 2534

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1271
Missing cases 2534
This variable is numeric


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