Dataset: Election Study 1957

Variable v392: B, B': reasons price increase

Literal Question

Why was the price increase since September actually bigger - what do you think is the reason?

1 answers showing that the supposed price increases of the last months are only ascribed to the Bundestag elections, the so-called 'keep still agreement' before the elections:
prices have been kept stable before the elections to restore a majority to the goverment party (CDU) - artificially limited inflationary trend before the elections - because the large scale industry has stopped before the elections - the controversial arrangement before the elections - because they waited until the elections - the elections lie behind us and therefore one no longer has to be considerate - because the CDU has won - because the election fat's been trimmed away. The election's over now. There might already be a different election result, see Hamburg - because Adenauer has to amortise the money invested in his election campaign - as the minister already have fixed positions again now - answer to the elections - because the elections are over - result of the Bundetag elections
2 all other answers:
as prices for coal have increased - because coal got more expensive and because of that other goods, too - high wage claims - because of the wage-price screw - through the 45 h week - because the trade unions want more - as it's getting close to christmas - that's because of the federal government - because there are no fixed prices that cannot be exceeded - because agriculture is boosted too much and there are not enough imports - I don't know exactely, maybe because of the rise of old age pension - differences with Tito's politics - because of the armament - because of the German 'Wirtschaftswunder' - because of the intermediary trade - because the franc breaks down - money shortage - because of the bad fruit harvest

8 no (concrete) response

0 INAP., not asked from part I to III
9 INAP., coded 1 in A-B-criterion; coded 2, 3 in Q.90(B)

Values Categories N
0 INAP., not asked from part I to III 6178
1 'keep still agreement' 85
2 all other answers 187
8 no concr. response 23
9 INAP., coded 1 in A-B-crit., coded 2,3 in Q.90B 1809

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 8282
Missing cases 0
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 9.0
This variable is numeric


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