Dataset: Election Study 1957

Variable v388: Meaning: GDR

Literal Question

A lot of abreviations are used in radio and newspapers nowadays. Often one doesn't know what they stand for. Do you know for instance what the letters on this page mean?

Q.89.3 Meaning GDR:

1 correct responses
German Democratic Republic - Soviet zone - 'Ostzone' - Russian zone - middle German zone - German Eastern Republic - Soviet Germany - 'Ostzone' government - Pankow government
2 vague but not wrong responses
East Germany - the other part of Germany - German Republic
3 wrong responses
Russia - the Russian - anything behind the Oder-Neisse that belonged to Germany - a party - broadcasting station
4 don't know

9 no response

0 INAP., not asked from part I to III

Values Categories N
0 INAP., not asked from part I to III 6178
1 correct responses 1535
2 vague but not wrong responses 47
3 wrong responses 86
4 don't know 430
9 no response 6

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 8282
Missing cases 0
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 9.0
This variable is numeric


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