Dataset: Election Study 1957

Variable v395: Reasons for break off

Literal Question

And do you happen to know why?

1 correct answers
because Tito has acknowledged the GDR - Yugoslavia has acknowledged the East German government - because they acknowledged the GDR - because they acknowledge the 'Ostzone' as goverment - because they have acknowledged the GDR as a free state - because they've acknowledged Pankow - oppening of a GDR embassy - establishment of diplomatic relations to the Pankow government - Tito has acknowledged the GDR and we couldn't allow him to do that - because Yugoslavia has affronted the federal government by acknowledging the GDR
2 responses that don't show whether the respondent is informed about the actual occasion
Tito's attitude towards Pankow - because of the harmonisation with the GDR - because of the standpoint towards the 'Ostzone' republic - as the GDR has been bonkers together with Tito - because they associate with the 'Ostzone' - Tito takes the same line as Ulbricht - because Tito has signed for the GDR - Tito has left the western camp - because Yugoslavia hasn't kept its promises - an agreement between Poland, Yugoslavia and the GDR - because of the Soviet Zone - different political opinions
3 mistaken responses
because of the acknolegement of the Oder-Neisse line - because Yugoslavia has acknowledged the Oder-Neisse line - acknolegement of the Polish border - because of the border - sympathy for Russia - because it associated itself with Russia again - I think has turned 'red' again since he doesn't get anything from the West anymore - because Chrustschew visited Yugoslavia - because Yugoslavia didn't stick to the reparations - I think it had something to do with the trade relations with the 'Zone' - mainly over party issues - isn't that connected with delivery of arms?
4 no, no judgement, don't know

8 no concrete answer

0 INAP., not asked from part I to III
9 INAP., coded 2,9 in Q.92

Values Categories N
0 INAP., not asked from part I to III 6178
1 correct answers 883
2 vague but not wrong responses 117
3 mistaken responses 248
4 no, no judgement, don't know 361
8 no concrete answer 0
9 INAP., coded 2,9 in Q.92 495

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 8282
Missing cases 0
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 9.0
This variable is numeric


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