Dataset: Election Study 1957

Variable v384: Rockets into space

Literal Question

What do you think about the fact that mankind is now able to send rockets into space: do you appreciate this technological progress, don't you appreciate it or would you say that you don't care about the whole matter?

1 appretiate it
2 don't care
3 undecided
4 doesn't matter

9 NA

0 INAP., not asked from part I to III

Values Categories N
0 INAP., not asked from part I to III 6178
1 appretiate it 690
2 don't care 751
3 undecided 179
4 doesn't matter 348
9 NA 136

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 8282
Missing cases 0
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 9.0
This variable is numeric


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