Dataset: Election Study 1987 (Panel Study)

Variable V425: 3:PERSON A- SEX

Literal Question

(Interviewer. Please read aloud)
Q.14 In the following section I am going to ask you about
people with whom you have contact in one way or another.
Since in replying to the following questions you will be
able to name several persons, I should like to ask you in
the interest of clarity to give either the first names of the
people or some other unmistakable appelation. This will enable
us all to distinguish between the individuals named when,
after listing the people, we ask you some questions about
I would like to emphasize once again that all statements
serve scientific purposes only, that they will be treated in
strictest confidence and that the people named will n o t of
course feature in the analysis.
(Interviewer: Note down the first names and eventually addi-
tional identification on top of the following chart.
For each person named in Q.15 then asked the questions Q.15a
to Q.15d, followed by Q.16 to Q.20.)
Q.15 Every now and then most people discuss important
affairs with others. If you think back over the last six
months with whom did you discuss matters which were of impor-
tance to you? Please give me the first name(s) of this person,
and if necessary the first letter of his/her surname as means
of distinguishing. Anyone else? Does anyone else come to mind?
(Interviewer: If more than five names are given, only the
first five should be noted down)
Q.15a(A) Sex of person A
1. Male
2. Female
9. NA, no person mentioned to entire Q.15
0. No third wave interview

German Question Text

Values Categories N
9 KA 81

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1230
Missing cases 724
This variable is numeric


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