Dataset: Election Study 1990 (Panel)

Variable v429: Leading politician: farsighted

Literal Question


Now think about the leading politicians of the two large parties. In your opinion, who is...

(Interviewer: probe for each statement. List 27; read list to respondent)

Q.III-26(g)) Ideal qualities of a politician: In your opininon, who is more farsighted?

0 no third wave interview
1 Helmut Kohl
2 Oskar Lafontaine
3 no big differences
4 neither
9 NA

Values Categories N
1 Helmut Kohl 537
2 Oskar Lafontaine 548
3 no big differences 266
4 neither 83
0 no third wave interview 619
9 NA 17

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1434
Missing cases 636
Minimum 1.0
Maximum 4.0
This variable is numeric


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