Dataset: Election Study 1990 (Politbarometer East)

Variable V217: Who improve economic situat

Literal Question


In your opinion, who can best see to a good general economic situation in Germany? Do you think that would be...

(Interviewer: don't read list to respondent)

0 not asked from April to September and in December
1 rather the present CDU/CSU-FDP government,
2 rather an SPD-led government,
3 both equally or
4 none of them?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 eher die jetzige Bundesregierung 670
2 eher eine SPD-geführte Bundesreg 175
3 beide gleich 172
4 keine von beiden 65
0 nicht erhoben 5714
9 KA 13

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1082
Missing cases 5727
This variable is numeric


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