Dataset: Election Study 1990 (Trend Investigation)

Variable V121: Pace reunification

Literal Question


(If the respondent is in favour of reunification)

(For the repondents from March to May the question was:)
Should this happen very quickly or should it take some time?

(For the respondents in June/August the question was:)
And in your opinion, when should the unification take place?

0 not asked in January, February and from September to December
1 - from March to May: rather quickly
- June: this year
- August: immediately
2 - from March to May: should take some time
- June: next year
- August: not immediately, but still this year
3 - June: later
- August: later
8 NA
9 INAP., coded 2 and 3 in Q.14

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 1179
2 2450
3 454
0 6082
8 111
9 893

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 4083
Missing cases 7086
This variable is numeric


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