Dataset: Election Study 1994: Politbarometer East 1994 (Trend Investigations)

Variable V8: Candidate vote intention

Literal Question


(If respondent doesn't rule out going to the polls)

In the elections for the Bundestag you have two votes. The first vote for the constituency candidate of a party, and the second vote for a party.

(In July and August the question continued like this:)
Which candidate would you vote for,...

(In the flash survey (September) the question continued like this:)
Which candidate will you vote for (already voted by absentee ballot: Which candidate did you vote for),...

0 not asked from January to June and October to December
1 CDU candidate,
2 SPD candidate,
3 FDP candidate,
4 Die Grünen (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) candidate,
5 PDS candidate,
6 Republikaner candidate or
7 candidate of another party?
98 NA
99 INAP., coded 4 in Q.3

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 den CDU-Kandidaten, 1101
2 den SPD-Kandidaten, 934
3 den FDP-Kandidaten, 178
4 Kandidaten der GRÜNEN, Bündnis 90 228
5 den PDS-Kandidaten, 247
6 den Kandidaten der Republikaner oder 16
7 den Kandidaten einer anderen Partei? 65
0 in 01-06,10-12 nicht erhoben 9626
98 KA 161
99 TNZ Code 4 in F.3 293

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2769
Missing cases 10080
This variable is numeric


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