Dataset: Election Study 1994: Politbarometer East 1994 (Trend Investigations)

Variable V197: Reappraisal of GDR past

Literal Question


When it comes to the reappraisal of the GDR past, i.e. of STASI, SED and the whole state machinery, do you think that...

0 not asked from February to July and September to November
1 more should be done than up to now,
2 that the present extent of reappraisal should be continued or
3 that a line should be drawn under it?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 mehr getan werden sollte als bisher, 605
2 im bisherigen Umfang 898
3 jetzt einen Schlußstrich 1677
0 in 02-07,09-11 nicht erhoben 9637
9 KA 32

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3180
Missing cases 9669
This variable is numeric


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