Dataset: Election Study 1994: Politbarometer West 1994 (Trend Investigations)

Variable V221: Election winner already clear

Literal Question


(From May to August the question was:)
In October the next Bundestag elections will be held.

(In September the question was:)
On 16th October the next Bundestag elections will be held. Do you think it's already clear,...

0 not asked from January to April and September to December
1 who will win the Bundestag elections or
2 isn't that clear yet?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Sieger schon klar 996
2 nicht klar 2943
0 nicht erhoben 8235
9 KA 73

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3939
Missing cases 8308
This variable is numeric


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