Dataset: Election Study 1998 (Politbarometer)

Variable V185: Coalition negotiat: price petrol

Literal Question


(In December the question was:)
In the context of the coalition negotiations plans to increase the price of petrol by six pfennigs per liter next year to finance the reduction of ancillary wage costs have become known.

(In 13 the question was:)
The government program of SPD and Die Grünen determines that, through an increase of the petroleum tax as of January 1999, the price of petrol shall be increased by six pfennigs per litre.

0 not asked from January to November and in 14
1 Do you agree with this suggestion,
2 should the price of petrol be increased even more or
3 shouldn't the price of petrol be increased?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 gut 824
2 stärker erhöhen 219
3 nicht erhöhen 1444
0 nicht erhobe 15478
9 KA 85

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2487
Missing cases 15563
This variable is numeric


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