Dataset: German National Election Study - Post-Election Study 1998 German CSES Study

Variable V140: Migration foreigners: Republ.

Literal Question


Here is a number of problems which were discussed during the election campaign. Please tell me for each problem, whether you think it was especially important for one of the parties during the campaign.

(Interviewer: don't read the parties)

Q.69(6)) Especially important during the campaign: regulate the the migration of foreigners to Germany: Republikaner

0 not mentioned
1 mentioned
7 not important for any party
8 don't know
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
0 Nicht genannt 1342
1 Genannt 300
7 Für keine Partei wichtig 51
8 Weiß nicht 316
9 KA 10

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1642
Missing cases 377
This variable is numeric


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