Dataset: German National Election Study - Post-Election Study 1998 German CSES Study

Variable V214: Employee: area

Literal Question


(If respondent is/was salaried employee)

What is the most adequate description for your area of responsibilities?

0 INAP., coded 1 - 4, 6 - 9, 0 in Q.129
1 industrial and factory master craftsman in none-tenured employment
2 white-collar job subject to instructions, e.g. salesperson, clerk, keyboarder
3 tasks dealt with independently after general instruction, e.g. specialist, book-keeper, engineering draughtsman
4 independent work in responsible job or with limited responsibility for staff, e.g. assistant lecturer, holder of a general power of attorney, head of department
5 extensive executive duties and decision-making powers (e.g. director, manager, member of the board)
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Industrie- und Werkmeister 55
2 Ausführende Tätigkeit nach Anweisung 272
3 Aufgaben nach allgemeiner Anweisung 488
4 Selbständige Leistung 317
5 Umfassende Führungsaufgaben 56
0 TNZ, Code 1-4,6-9,0 in F.129 824
9 KA 7

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1188
Missing cases 831
This variable is numeric


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