Dataset: Politbarometer Ost 2002 (Kumulierter Datensatz)

Variable V194: Power plant: continue/shut down

Literal Question


(If the respondent wants only existing power plants to be used)

Should the existing nuclear power plants...

0 not asked from January to July and September to 13
1 continue to operate for as long as possible or
2 should they be shut down as soon as possible?
8 NA
9 INAP., coded 1, 3, 9 in Q.70

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 lange weiterbetreiben 389
2 bald stilllegen 245
0 nicht erhoben 10728
8 KA 34
9 TNZ 244

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 634
Missing cases 11006
This variable is numeric


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