Dataset: Politbarometer Ost 2002 (Kumulierter Datensatz)

Variable V228: Financ. probl. old-age insur. A

Literal Question


The old-age insurance also suffers from financial problems. Therefore the federal government has decided that the contributors - i.e. the employers and employees - have to raise the missing funds.

(Interviewer: read answers!)

0 not asked from January to November and in 13
1 Do you agree with this decision or
2 would you have preferred a delay of the usual pension increase for pensioners?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Finden Sie das richtig 249
2 Rentenerh”hung verschieben 537
0 nicht erhoben 10695
9 KA 159

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 786
Missing cases 10854
This variable is numeric


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