Dataset: Politbarometer Ost 2002 (Kumulierter Datensatz)

Variable V236: Immigration law

Literal Question


At the beginning of the month a majority in the Bundestag voted for the immigration law. On Friday this week it has to meet the approval of the Bundesrat so that it can become effective. What do you think:...

0 not asked in January, February and from April to 13
1 should the CDU/CSU agree to this law in the Bundesrat or
2 shouldn't the CDU/CSU agree to this law?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 CDU im Bundesrat zustimmen 378
2 nicht zustimmen 344
0 nicht erhoben 10741
9 KA 177

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 722
Missing cases 10918
This variable is numeric


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