Dataset: Political Attitudes, Political Participation and Voter Conduct in united Germany 2002

Variable V301: 2nd TV duel: debate 8th Sept (02)

Literal Question


Did you watch the second TV debate of Gerhard Schröder and Edmund Stoiber on 8th September? And did you watch it completely or just parts of it?

0 INAP.: date before the debate
1 yes, watched the whole debate
2 yes, watched the debate, but only parts of it
3 no
8 don't know
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
0 TNZ: Datum vor Debatte 1082
1 Ja, Debatte ganz gesehen 809
2 Ja, Debatte gesehen, allerdings nur teilweise 383
3 Nein 975
8 w.n. 6
9 k.A. 8

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3263
Missing cases 0
This variable is numeric


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