Dataset: Political Attitudes, Political Participation and Voter Conduct in united Germany 2002

Variable VSCHIELT: Strata compared to parents

Literal Question


And when you compare that to your parents' house, would you say you belong to a lower class, the same class or a higher class than your parents.

0 INAP.: class answer refused
1 lower class
2 the same class
3 higher class
8 don't know
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
0 TNZ: Schicht verweigert 125
1 niedrigere Schicht 369
2 gleiche Schicht 2044
3 hoehere Schicht 593
8 w.n. 90
9 k.A. 42

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3263
Missing cases 0
This variable is numeric


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