Dataset: Political Attitudes, Political Participation and Voting Behavior in Reunified Germany 1994

Variable vgwow1: Absolute East-West weight, pre or post

Literal Question

Sample weighting:
The weighting is used to transfer the household sample into a persons' sample and to compensate slight statistical inaccuracies within the sample structure.

First of all, the ADM sample net is a household sample, in which every interviewed household has the same chance to be selected. However, only one person per household is interviewed, irrespective of the size of the household.

Therefore the chance for every person in the household to be selected as a respondent is inversely proportional to the size of the household. The same chance for single respondents to be selected for the sample is a result of the transformation of the household sample into the persons' sample.

The transition to the persons' sample is done by case-by-case multiplication with the number of target persons in the household and by a subsequent standardisation of the amount of cases.

To compensate the interview failures, which are - according to experience - not evenly spread throughout the population groups, there are various weights available:

absolute East-West weight:
pre-election or post-election: vgwow1
pre-election and post-election (total): vgwow2

Representative weights for separate East-West analyses:
pre-election or post-election: vgvwnw
pre-election and post-election: vgges

Representative weights for all-German analyses (with East-West weight):
pre-election or post-election: vgvwnwow

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 4111
Missing cases 0
Minimum 0.426
Maximum 1.611
Mean 1.0
This variable is numeric


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