Dataset: Post-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994

Variable V9: Did R. vote 16th October

Literal Question


In the elections for the Bundestag on 16th October there were many citizens who, for good reasons, couldn't or didn't want to participate in the elections. How about you? Did you vote at a local polling place, by absentee ballot or didn't you vote in these federal elections?

1 voted at a polling place
2 voted by absentee ballot
3 didn't vote
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 im Wahllokal gewaehlt 1600
2 per Briefwahl gewaehlt 133
3 habe nicht gewaehlt 300
9 KA 13

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2033
Missing cases 13
This variable is numeric


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