Dataset: Post-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994

Variable V47: Foreign: no marriage German

Literal Question


This is a question about the foreigners living in Germany. On this list there are several sentences one has heard before sometime. Please tell me to what extent you agree with each of these sentences. The value 1 means you don't agree at all, 7 means you completely agree. Using the values in between, you can express your opinion more precisely.

(Interviewer: encircle one scale value for each item)

Q.20D) Sentences about foreigners living in Germany: foreigners living in Germany should choose their spouse amongst their own countrymen

1 don't agree at all
234567 agree completely
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 stimme ueberhaupt nicht zu 703
2 255
3 195
4 327
5 159
6 140
7 stimme voll und ganz zu 260
9 KA 7

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2039
Missing cases 7
This variable is numeric


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