Dataset: Post-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994

Variable V98: Govern spend: police, crime

Literal Question


Another different topic. I'm now going to read a list of different sectors to you. Please tell me for each sector by using this list, whether the government should spend more or less money for it. Please consider that expenses on a much higher scale may also require higher taxes.

(Interviewer: hand white list 13 to respondent. Read the items separately and one by one and encircle the respective answer value)

Q.36B) What should the government spend for: police and criminal prosecution?

1 spend a lot more,
2 spend a bit more,
3 keep the expenses on the present level,
4 spend less or
5 spend a lot less.
6 I can't say/don't know
9 NA [only in v98, v99, v100, v101]

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 sehr viel mehr ausgeben 624
2 etwas mehr ausgeben 732
3 auf dem jetzigen Stand 430
4 weniger ausgeben 143
5 sehr viel weniger ausgeben 81
6 kann ich nicht sagen, weiss nicht 35
9 KA 1

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2045
Missing cases 1
This variable is numeric


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