Dataset: Post-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994

Variable V124: Active: legal demonstration

Literal Question


This questions deals with different attitudes, which various people sometimes choose to protest against something or to call the public's attention to their concern. I will now name some of those attitudes to you.

Please tell me, if you would take part in such an activity should it be for an important cause, if you would only take part in a very extreme situation or if you would under no circumsances take part in such an activity.

(Interviewer: hand white list 17 to respondent. Read the items)

Q.40C) What about a legal political demonstration?

1 for an important cause,
2 in a very extreme situation or
3 under no circumstances?
7 don't know what it is
8 don't know
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 bei wichtiger Sache 533
2 aussergewoehnliche Situation 601
3 unter keinen Umstaenden 807
7 kenne ich nicht 13
8 Weiss nicht 90
9 KA 2

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1941
Missing cases 105
This variable is numeric


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