Dataset: Post-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994

Variable V159: Not employed, part-time

Literal Question


(If respondent is not the main earner and a part-time employee with 18 to 34 or 20 to 39 hours)

Please take a look at this list again and tell me if anything else applies to you. Should one of the categories apply to you, please tell me the identification code.

(Interviewer: allow only one response)

0 INAP., coded 1, 3 - 9, 0 in S.7
1 I'm a student
2 I attend a technical school
5 I'm retired/pensioner/in early retirement/
6 I'm a housewife/househusband
7 none of this applies
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 ich bin Student 0
2 ich bin Fachschueler 0
5 Rentner Pensionaer Vorruhe 4
6 Hausfrau Hausmann 32
7 nichts davon trifft zu 59
0 TNZ,Code 1,3-9,0 in S.7 1945
9 KA 6

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 95
Missing cases 1951
This variable is numeric


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