Dataset: Post-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994

Variable V108: Opinion: prepare for anything

Literal Question


Please tell me for each statement on these cards how strongly you agree or disagree with it. For each card please tell me the identification code and the appropriate answer value.

(Interviewer: shuffle white deck of cards and hand to respondent. Encircle one answer value for each item)

Q.38F) What's your opinion on the following statements: these days everything has become so insecure that one has to be prepared for anything

1 completely agree
2 mainly agree
3 agree more or less
4 disagree more or less
5 disagree for the most part
6 completely disagree
8 don't know
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 stimme voll und ganz zu 426
2 stimme ueberwiegend zu 462
3 stimme eher zu 522
4 lehne eher ab 328
5 lehne ueberwiegend ab 168
6 lehne voll und ganz ab 92
8 Weiss nicht 45
9 KA 3

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1998
Missing cases 48
This variable is numeric


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