Dataset: Pre-Election Study 1994 (Trend Investigations)

Variable V86: Economy East: government

Literal Question


(If the respondent thinks CDU/CSU and SPD are both equally qualified to solve the economic problems)

Would this work better...

0 not asked from February to March and May to 15
1 with a CDU/CSU-FDP government,
2 with an SPD-Die Grünen government or
3 a SPD-CDU/CSU government?
8 NA
9 INAP., coded 1, 2, 4, 9 in Q.26

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Regierung von CDU-CSU und FDP 42
2 Regierung von SPD und Gruene 72
3 Regierung von SPD und CDU-CSU 196
0 in 02-03,05-15 nicht erh. 15217
8 KA 35
9 TNZ, Code 1,2,4,9 in F.26 918

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 310
Missing cases 16170
This variable is numeric


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