Dataset: Pre-Election Study 1994 (Trend Investigations)

Variable V8: Vote next Sunday?

Literal Question


If elections for the Bundestag were held next Sunday, would you vote?

For 15: In the elections for the Bundestag last Sunday there were many citizens who, for good reasons, could not or did not want to participate in the elections. How about you? Did you vote or did you not vote?

1 yes (February, 15)
2 would probably vote (March to 14)
3 probably wouldn't vote (March to 14)
4 no (February, 15)
definitely wouldn't vote (March to 14)
5 don't know (February)
already voted by absentee ballot (13, 14)
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Ja <02,15> 13258
2 wahrscheinlich zur Wahl gehen <03-14> 1675
3 wahrscheinlich nicht zur Wahl gehen 525
4 Nein <02,15> 772
5 Weiss nicht <02> 206
9 KA 44

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 16436
Missing cases 44
This variable is numeric


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