Dataset: Pre-Election Study 1994 (Trend Investigations)

Variable V196: European politics in future

Literal Question


What is more important for the future development of the European Union after the accession of these countries:...

0 not asked from February to April, in June and from August to 15
1 intensifying the relationships between the EU states,
2 the admission of other countries into the EU or
3 do you think that neither of these two aspects is important?
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Vertiefung der Bindungen 784
2 Aufnahme weiterer Laender 178
3 keines von beiden 175
0 in 02-04,06,08-15 nicht 15242
9 KA 101

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1137
Missing cases 15343
This variable is numeric


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