Dataset: Pre-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994: Policy and Party Preference

Variable V28: State - businesses

Literal Question


There are different suggestions how to reduce unemployment in Germany. Some suggest the state should introduce a massive employment-creation program, financed by higher taxes and a higher state borrowing.
Others want to improve the general conditions for businesses, such as flexible regulations for working time and wages or tax reductions for businesses, to achieve that the companies take on more people again.

What is your opinion? Are you in favour of a massive employment-creation program by the state, then please mark the scale value 1. If you are in favour of improving the general conditions for businesses, then mark the scale value 7. Using the values in between, you can express your opinion more precisely.

1 massive employment-creation program by the state
234567 improvement of the general conditions for businesses
8 don't know
9 NA

German Question Text

Values Categories N
1 Massives Arbeitsbeschaffungsprogramm 446
2 164
3 157
4 429
5 182
6 196
7 Verbesserung der Rahmenbedingungen 562
8 Weiá nicht 244
9 KA 11

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2136
Missing cases 255
This variable is numeric


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