Dataset: Pre-Election Study on the Federal Parliament Election 1994: Policy and Party Preference

Variable V51: Telephone: dual connector

Literal Question

S.C; S.D1

S.C: (Interviewer: Only ask, if respondent wants to know for what purpose certain statistical data is needed: "This data is needed to report the survey results not only for the total population, but also for important parts of the society, such as..." (name the character the query refers to).

In case of characteristics such as age, school education, job etc. you can add: "This data is used to verify later on, whether a representative cross section was interviewed, e.g. the right amount of..." (name the character the query refers to).

S.D1 Do you have a telephone in your household? Which item on this list applies to you?

(Interviewer: hand list "statistic D1" to respondent! Multiple responses possible)

S.D1B) Telephone mainlines in the household: dual connector (two phone numbers in the same household)

0 not mentioned
1 mentioned
8 no telephone

German Question Text

Values Categories N
0 Nicht genannt 2063
1 Genannt 77
8 Kein Telefon 251

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2140
Missing cases 251
This variable is numeric


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